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      Rattan Land Furniture | Phone : +62 813 2424 2834
      Spanish Germany Norwegia France Russian Portuguese Polish Dutch Turkish Arabic

      Welcome to Rattan Land Furniture, manufacturer, exporter, supplier of rattan furniture in Indonesia. Our best rattan furniture products began from our passion of beauty, being attentive to details, as well as prompt delivery. As one of the trustable rattan manufacturer we never lack of ideas to present furniture crafted from natural or synthetic rattan for any spaces of the house. At the very best prices, our exceptional products is perfectly matched for the indoor, patio, garden, even pool areas.

      Established on 1999, we process the best Indonesian rattan to be gorgeous furniture. Indonesia rattan material is the best rattan material in the world. Synonym of rattan furniture, can be wicker furniture, cane furniture, kubu grey, wicker cane, water hyacinth (water hyacinth and wicker rattan combination), banana furniture (banana tree and wicker rattan combination), sea grass furniture (seagrass and wicker rattan combination). All synonym depend on people say. Our best collections is exported to more than 50 countries in the world: USA, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Poland, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Portugal,Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Austria, Egypt, Bulgaria and more. We sell our products to many importer, wholesaler, store, distributor, and retailer in the world.

      We continually strive for excellence through timely innovative designs and professional artists. Because you are here, why don't make a deal with the best?

      Our Reward

      Primaniyarta takes root from the Sanskrit word that has a meaning that it is the most excellent in search for foreign exchange.

      The Indonesia Export Awards are an example of the strong co-operation that exists between state and territory governments,
      the business community and the government to encourage the growth of Indonesia's exports.

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